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Last round - Caruana wins but...shared with Gelfand!
By WGM Alina l'Ami

1There can be high dramatism below the apparent mask of peacefullness...

The eleventh, last and most expected round in Paris did not produce any decisive game! It started with three relatively short draws by move repetition, sealing the tournament's main heroes' fate.
Caruana and Gelfand share the tournament win, Mamedyarov qualifies for the Candidates!
Round ten - Caruana takes the lead!
By WGM Alina l'Ami

29The storm we had predicted after the peaceful ninth round exploded at full violence in round ten. It is not only about the three decisive games, since we had had two even more „fruitful” days before, but rather their impact over the hot zone of the classification.
The "winner's luck" abandoned Nakamura, who lost the game and the tournament leadership, while Caruana won and advanced to a shared first place with Gelfand, one step closer to his main goal - the Candidates.
Round nine - égalité, fraternité?!
By WGM Alina l'Ami

43How else could we define a round (the only one, so far) in which all games ended in draws? But in case you wonder if this affected the classification, we should resort to the language once spoken in another great European capital: status quo...

Meaning among others that Nakamura keeps his lead, while Caruana and Grischuk only have two more rounds to overtake him in the tournament and Mamedyarov in the overall Grand Prix classification. Caruana’s task seems to become more difficult, while Grischuk’s success looks very improbable despite all his efforts.
Interview with the FFE President, Diego Salazar
By WGM Alina l'Ami

23The tournament in Paris makes the headlines all over the World. Could you name the reasons determining you to organize an event of such magnitudes?

I had three main objectives in mind: the general development of chess, giving to the French players and spectators the opportunity to meet elite players and, last but not least, to offer our best arbiters, like Laurent Freyd, the chance to gain experience at this level and become even better.
Round eight - bloody games before the rest day!
By WGM Alina l'Ami

33Day by day, the Paris tournament proves to be a lot more than a small part of the World championship cycle.
Both players having a theoretical chance to qualify for the Candidates’ tournament in case of a clear tournament win, namely Fabiano Caruana and Alexander Grischuk, won today. However, they remain half a point and one and half points respectively behind the new sole leader, Hikaru Nakamura!

It turns out that the tournament is important in itself. The frequency with which the leader changes from one round to another proves that the players who do not aspire for qualification, are playing with full ambition and strength too. And for the second time from the start, we had four decisive games!
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